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When your stock volume outgrows your own business’s warehouse, Emmpressit 3PL provides best-in-class offsite storage. Emmpressit 3PL offers third party warehouse storage designed for optimum efficiency. We pride ourselves on our safe, clean, secure warehouse, in which we currently store goods from a wide variety of industries. With both pallet and shelf space, we can provide short or long term storage for almost any non-perishable product you need stockpiled. 

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Our iConnect warehouse and inventory management system issues each and every product with its own unique, internally generated product code (which can be accompanied by other product codes if necessary). We generate real time inventory, stock control and valuation reports that you can choose to receive when you need them, or have communicated to you on a regular basis.
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We can also set up product reorder triggers, which will automatically alert you when a product’s stock falls below its reorder level. This report will detail the product’s order history and recommended reorder quantity, keeping you in stock and ready to sell at all times

We provide these mechanisms to ensure that all products are managed in line with client expectations. It is very important to us that we match, or even exceed, your expectations with our quality processes. At the end of the day, outsourcing your storage logistics to Emmpressit 3PL gives you all the benefits of our warehousing expertise without having to invest in your own fixed infrastructure and warehousing employees.

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