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Emmpressit 3PL manages accurate fulfilment requirements, such as the receipt of goods, safe and secure warehouse storage, sales order picking and packing, all the way to the final delivery to your customers. Emmpressit 3PL uses the iConnect product management technology platform to manage your
inventory, monitor stock and track orders from our warehouses right to your customers. iConnect ensures
that all inventory levels are updated in real time, so that no product can be oversold: a valuable control mechanism in today’s digital shopping era.

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When your products sell online, Emmpressit 3PL provides state-of-the-art pick and pack fulfilment to get your sales out the door and on their way to the customer. Each and every product order lodged online becomes a picking ticket at the relevant Emmpressit 3PL warehouse for immediate pick and pack. We distribute products stored in our warehouse under the FIFO (First In First Out) principle, which ensures that your stock is distributed from oldest to newest. Our experienced pick and pack team are fast, reliable, and highly trained. We can even provide custom kitted pick and packs if you have products that you sell online as a package through your eCommerce store.

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highly trained
Emmpressit 3PL warehouses have all the relevant packing materials on hand to transform an order into a professionally packed and packaged parcel that will keep your products safe during transit and look professional when your customer receives their package.
We understand the nuisance and wasted time that comes with returns due to mispicked orders. That’s why we only hire trained and responsible warehouse workers, and employ powerful inventory management controls: because we are deeply committed to efficient and reliable pick and pack processes. Our warehouse workers will ensure that all sales are picked quickly and correctly, packaged safely and securely, and given to the relevant courier before their parcel pick-up cut off times.

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